Hello, Yengo!

Yengo was created in 2010 by Search Technologies CJSC, which was founded in 2004 by Ashmanov & Partners and Finam Global venture capitalist.
Yengo is an Thai platform that provides digital solutions that unleash the true potential of online content, allowing any brand, large or small, to contribute to the online marketing industry. Yengo is a world-class advertising tool that uses the latest technology in online advertising and traffic exchange to attract customers to your doorstep and increase traffic to your site.

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Redtram – Ukrainian platform

Redtram is Ukrainian ad platform.
The RedTram teaser advertising network offers favorable conditions for the purchase of product and news traffic, it helps to quickly attract more targeted visitors to your Internet resource. Teaser advertising brings benefits and profits. By buying traffic, you get access to the target audience of the Internet and increase your brand awareness.

media partners
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Recreative – no visual noise!

Recreative is Ukrainian advertising platform.
Its advantages:

Recreativ product units are flexibly adapted to the design of the partner resource and better cope with the “banner blindness” of users.
No visual noise, only simple and high-quality ads that attract new customers.
Showing the ads at the right time to the most relevant audience, which provides maximum profit for both the advertiser and the webmaster.

the examples of native ads
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Billioner Engageya

Today Engageya is a successful Israel and fast-growing company that serves more than 40 billion impressions worldwide every month.
It has opened international offices in several key markets and are committed to providing publishers, brands, advertisers and media agencies with innovative technologies designed to grow the business, increase traffic, generate new revenue and improve bottom line results.

Engageya`s partners

Engageya is developing the world’s most innovative platform for native advertising to serve publishers, advertisers and media agencies that want to discover new markets and experience new revenue streams.

-Responding to the growing demand for native ads
-Having experience a vast increase in impressions and clicks across your entire publisher inventory
-Customizing the widget and reporting dashboard to your branding requirements
-Enjoying the transparent cross-network reporting while offering your publishers access to widget performance metrics.
Engageya’s native advertising platform gives advertisers unparalleled reach to target users in emerging markets.

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International platform AdNow

The way it started

The Adnow platform began its journey in 2014 with the goal of creating a new hybrid native ad format. This format was designed to show ads and make searching for new and interesting content very simple and user-friendly. This format also allows you to use media banners and native advertising during the same campaign, which is very convenient for clients and agencies when conducting brand promotion campaigns.

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Welcome to MGID!

MGID, Inc. is a global pioneer in native ads that provides tailored solutions for advertisers, affiliate marketers, online stores, webmasters, web marketers, brand managers, performance-driven media buyers and publishers on one integrated platform. It’s the place where all participants of the native advertising ecosystem meet, greet and find solutions for their very specific needs.

At 2004 a young Ukranian programmer Stanislav Telyatnikov created the first modern native advertising technology .
After years of hard work, tests and experiments MGID.com emerged in 2008 as a fully-fledged native advertising pioneer based in New York City. Later it became part of Finam Global Fund, which is a part of Investment Holding FINAM managed by a leading Russian venture investor, Victor Remsha.

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Advertnative -the Vietnamese native ad leader

Advernative is Vietnamese platform that has been working with the Asian market since 2016.
The main offices are located in Jakarta, Hanoi, Delhi.
There platform works with the 3 active GEOs for now: Vietnam, India, Indonesia. Other GEOs are being tested now, while they are closed to advertisers. The most traffic in Vietnam is the main and the most successful.

For a good example of impressions:
Vietnam – 40 million impressions per day
Indonesia – 60 Million Impressions per Day
India – 20 million impressions per day

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