Zucks is a Japanese platform with quality traffic

Zucks is a mobile advertising platform, geo Japan and Asia. This ads platform was founded in 2011 in Japan to provide the most reliable and valuable mobile advertising platform to advertisers and publishers around the world.

In 2019, Zucks joined the Dentsu group, aiming to develop the world of the future. They offer a large number of campaigns supporting iOS and Android, driving app downloads as well as CPI, CPA and CPC. It reaches over 10000 users each on Android and iOS, and can deliver both incentivized and non-incentivized ads.

Zucks ranked high in the Non-Gaming industry only with traffic in Japan. Platform provided a great volume and quality of users.

The platform also claims to be the biggest marketing mobile application in Japan, which brought high-quality and large traffic from Japan. Zucks presents banners, natives, and Video Ads have and you can buy CPI, CPC, CPM basis. Zucks is an advertisement platform, not an agency. Taking advantage of our characteristics, Zucks accelerates PDCA for creative improvement. Zucks supports various campaigns such as non-gaming apps, EC, health food cosmetics, fashion, travel etc. This platform has a couple of advantages over others as Zucks has released a brand new creative where users can now swipe ads and more brand new creatives, playable Ads are usually only fullscreen.

Zucks supports all ad formats for the Japanese market.

Also Zucks’ local platform can reach a demographic that cannot be reached by any global platform. When expanding your UA strategy in the Japanese market, the use of local platforms is essential. As an agency, Zucks can provide you with a local platform in Japan that cannot be achieved through in-house marketing. In our opinion, this is an advantage of this platform. 

It is also important to understand other advantages:

1) All of the employees can work in English.

Support is available in Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean. Compared to other agencies, Zucks able to respond smoothly.

2) can use the creative data and publisher data for other platforms. PDCA at the fastest speed to improve efficiency.

3) Overwhelmingly high-performing creatives are made by Zucks and the creatives are based on huge data.

Zucks Affiliate has created and owns a proprietary fraud detection system, with various functions such as warning alert and prevention, which continuously update and add.

In conclusion, if you are looking for high-quality traffic in Japan, then you should pay attention to this platform. According to the stated data, it will bring effective leads for you. Considering the placement methods and their functionality, Zacks can become the top 1 platform in Japan.