Let’s discuss platforms and methods for analytics of your ads

SEMrush is a platform for studying significant SEO and advertising metrics
SEMrush calls to monitor competitors and collect useful marketing data SEMrush Holdings Read more
New artificial intellect DALL·E 2 generates any image by text
In early 2022, OpenAI (founded by Elon Musk, among others) introduced DALL·E Read more
Antifraud from SсroogeFrog and why is it important?
When you order advertising from a partner or specialist, you expect to Read more
Affise is a well-known affiliate marketing platform
Affise is a partnership marketing platform for brands, advertisers, and agencies to Read more
What are macros for and what do they do?
Macros are a component you can add to a link/tracking URL. It Read more
Postback URL is the best way to track conversions?
Postback URL is a tool that allows you to track conversions through Read more
Keitaro is an effective tracker or not?
Keitaro is a media buying tracker. The task of an affiliate marketer Read more
Why do we prioritize to Spyover?
This is an online tool for tracking and analyzing native advertising. SpyOver Read more
Why are UTM tags important when tracking ads?
UTM tags are tags that allow you to track clicks on links Read more
Pros and cons of the AdVault spy service
AdVault is a spy service that monitors different networks for trends and Read more
Can Google Ad Manager help you objectively analyze your ad traffic?
Google Ad Manager is an ad exchange platform introduced by Google on Read more
How To Convert Users From Media by using AppsFlyer?
AppsFlyer is a mobile app analysis and marketing software that allows developers, Read more
How can you use Similarweb to stay ahead of your competitors?
SimilarWeb is a tool that estimates the total amount of traffic different Read more
Welcome a powerful analytics platform Adjust
What does Adjust do?  Adjust analyzes all your data in one place, Read more
Voluum - a tracker that keeps all data with just one platform
It is a tracker that keeps all information in one place, perfect Read more
Binom — a lead tracking solution in the marketing world
The most valuable resource is time. An indispensable tool in marketing is Read more
AdPlexity is a lead Tool in the Marketing industry
AdPlexity is an important spying service that became a perfect instrument on Read more
Difference between the statistics from the Facebook Ads Manager and Analytics
Ads Manager assigns attribution only three sources: Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Audience Read more