Veeery Easy Ads =)

EasyAds Ltd is an innovative owner-operated enterprise that offers programmatic advertising. Since 2006 its mission is to shrink the relationship divide between web site owners and advertisers by building an unique and efficient marketplace for both sides. The core of its business is a high-tech programmatic ad platform developed by experienced engineers and operating under the trademarks EasyAds™ and EasyPlatform™.

EasyAds Ltd is a proud member of the prestigious international organization Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). The IAB is an advertising association that empowers the media and marketing industries to thrive in the digital economy and also supports a number of important interactive initiatives and projects of social and environmental benefit. In close collaboration with its members – leading media and tech companies, the IAB develops technical standards and best practices for digital ad sale, delivery and optimization and promotes critical research on interactive advertising.

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RUNative – self service ad network

Runative works with online marketers, webmasters and program owners with combined decades of successful experience in advertising technology and marketing. It is an international, multicultural and multilingual team, with offices all around the world between in Tokyo – Japan, Barcelona – Spain, Montreal – Canada and Limassol – Cyprus.

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What makes Midas different?

Midas is a Croatian network that reall,y can impress you by its effectivity.

So, what are the Midas differences from others?

At first, long-term collaborations and trust. This platform collaborates with high-quality websites only that provide a positive surrounding for the client, while our advanced filters automatically detect fake clicks and filter in only real traffic. Midas works with clients on preparing, tracking, optimizing and analysing their campaigns. The main goal is to have great long-term collaborations and satisfied clients and also the platform wants to know what happens after the click. Access to your analytics will enable them to define the goals of a campaign and track its course together with your team, as well as to perform a thorough analysis after it’s finished.

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Mixadvert – new generation of advertising network

Mixadvert is an effective tool for managing site monetization. Intelligent autonomous algorithms 2-3 times improve the efficiency of displaying advertisements, reducing the cost of attracting the target audience.

You will get a high-quality audience on favorable terms with an active intellectual system for optimizing advertising campaigns or for sites with a real audience, we offer stable high earnings with an improved monetization system for your resource.

the examples of native ads
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Vietnamese Admicro

Established in 2008, Admicro, as a brain child in the business field of Vietnam Communications Corporation (VCCorp), has been growing strongly and leading the online advertising market.

The Market leadership with 40% of Vietnam online advertising market share and cover 95% of mobile users over the nation.

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Adskeeper – the key to advertising success

The platform is a partner of more than 3000 publishers, it helps advertisers acquire engaged audience through personalized content recommendations.

AdsKeeper was founded in 2013, it is a fast-growing ad recommendation platform that adjusts native ads to the needs of direct advertisers, media agencies and affiliates.

Adskeeper is a native ad network and thus offers widget ad types which can blend well with the style of the website. The widget offers deep customization to provide a truly native experience to the users, equiping marketers with breakthrough advertising technologies that drive performance and revenue growth, keeping digital consumers’ best interests in mind.

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Coc Coc – multifunctional of our time

Coc Coc is a popular Vietnamese Browser, Search Engine and advertising system. Coc Coc reaches 54% of the Vietnamese Internet population according to Comscore and is the most visited site in Vietnam according to Alexa Ranking.

Coc Coc is the first browser in the world which allows branding and media advertising on its New Tab. With a wide range of targeting methods, including browsing and search history targeting, Coc Coc Ads is highly effective.

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Hello, Yengo!

Yengo was created in 2010 by Search Technologies CJSC, which was founded in 2004 by Ashmanov & Partners and Finam Global venture capitalist.
Yengo is an Thai platform that provides digital solutions that unleash the true potential of online content, allowing any brand, large or small, to contribute to the online marketing industry. Yengo is a world-class advertising tool that uses the latest technology in online advertising and traffic exchange to attract customers to your doorstep and increase traffic to your site.

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