Coc Coc – multifunctional of our time

Coc Coc – multifunctional of our time

Coc Coc is a popular Vietnamese Browser, Search Engine and advertising system. Coc Coc reaches 54% of the Vietnamese Internet population according to Comscore and is the most visited site in Vietnam according to Alexa Ranking.

Coc Coc is the first browser in the world which allows branding and media advertising on its New Tab. With a wide range of targeting methods, including browsing and search history targeting, Coc Coc Ads is highly effective.

More than 22 million users are using the Coc Coc browser.
Cốc Cốc Ads – easy to use and effective RTB based advertising system, tailored specifically for local businesses in Vietnam.

types of ads at Coc Coc

the examples of Native Ads at Coc Coc browser

The are three conditions to start advertising simply :
– cost per click (CPC), the price is decided based on the principle of auction;
– the minimum budget for an ad is only 500.000 VND;
– reaching 19 million Cốc Cốc users.

Coc Coc is aimed exclusively at Vietnam GEO, which allows for more detailed targeting of the audience.

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