How to create native advertising effectively with SVK-Native?

SVK-Native is a platform with recommendations. The goal is — to іnstall widgets of this platform on your site and monetize traffic, buy quality traffic from major resources in Russia (~80%) or the CIS, created for:

  • advertisers (chipboard platforms, advertising, and digital agencies, arbitrageurs, teaser networks, etc.);
  • publishers (owners of publishing houses, websites, etc.).
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Promote your ads with Pinterest

When we need a dose of inspiration or motivation, we often visit Pinterest. It is a social network, based on visuals for sharing images, videos, or infographics. It is a platform where every talent can express himself and get new ideas or attract his audience. 

If you have an account on Pinterest, it means you can use ads to advertise products for selling them in a faster way. Pinterest ads get more traffic to your blog and sell commerce products.

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AdPlexity is a lead Tool in the Marketing industry

AdPlexity is an important spying service that became a perfect instrument on the affiliate market. Thousands of marketing specialists use it every day and it is already recommended itself as a magical competing tool with the intelligence option that helps to receive exact and up-to-date data across all main publications as well as traffic sources.

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