ETARG advertising network – a great option for affiliate marketing

The ETARG advertising network is one of the leading platforms, contributing to the development and implementation of projects. ETARG provides highly profitable monetization of advertising platforms and acts as an advertising tool with highly convertible traffic. Advertisers are provided with bot protection and website quality control. The services also include a wide range of targeting for campaign settings, blacklist generation, and access to online statistics. 

Key features of ETARG ad network:

  • Only creative ads
  • Field “Price” for product
  • A blacklist is created via technical support
  • Ability to set individual prices for each site
  • Obligatory restriction on banner display after clicking on it
  • Periodic bonuses for all participants

ETARG sets its own requirements for sites. Sites with no statistics are not accepted. An external attendance counter is required. The administration of the ETARG network has access to the partner’s site statistics during the whole time of cooperation. At least 60% of visits should be from search engines sites. No less than 50% of the traffic should be Russian. Sites with a minimum of 2,000 unique visitors are accepted for cooperation.

Only Russian- or Ukrainian-language websites are invited to participate in the ETARG network. The network performs thematic and geographical targeting, as well as provides convenient statistics and quick moderation.

Network partners are qualitative platforms with an active and solvent audience, including large news and thematic portals, mailing as well as entertaining resources and business mass-media. The network attracts targeted visitors to the thematic sites and helps effectively sell products and services on the Internet.

Working with the network is absolutely safe. During its existence, the network ETARG proved to be a reliable partner with constantly increasing traffic. ETARG guarantees the provision of only quality sources of traffic and support at all stages of the advertising campaign’s launch.

Advantages of the ETARG network

  • Huge amounts of cheap traffic. ETARG generates millions of clicks per day, at a cost of a couple of cents per click.
  • Virtually no moderation. Banners are a treasure trove of traffic for the gray market: all the things that don’t work on Facebook will work here. In addition, there is no moderation in banners after posting. You should not worry that in a couple of days/weeks moderator will come and banned you.
  • The possibility of working with any type of advertising, even black. ETARG work with adult products, fake brands, casinos, 18+ dating, games. Experienced affiliate marketers have no problem targeting in a plus in almost any vertical. The secret is in the quality of ETARG`s sites.
  • A wide choice of advertising formats.

How to start targeting in the ETARG network?

The advertiser creates an ad in the system by uploading an image, short description, and headline. Selects the sources of traffic according to the geographical location of users. Using the “Blacklist” function, you can exclude some sites by specifying their IDs. For a more detailed analysis, you can prescribe a macro in the link ads, which assigns an individual number to each banner. The system can remember all the users who have visited the landing page. By setting up the retargeting function, you will show ads to those who once went to the landing page. Requirements for the images: 250 by 250 pixels, size less than 100 kilobytes.

Pixel tracker – a tool that allows you to count leads. Go to the tools section, create a new pixel, place the code on the landing page. In the new company, you need to prescribe the address of the pixel to display it in the statistics. Retargeting is set up the same way.

Post URL – this tool allows you to collect information on conversions, it is activated through your personal manager.

API – you can integrate statistics and add ads into your CRM system.

What are the minimum bets in the ETARG network?

ETARG advertising network does not have minimum bids. This network has an auction principle for ranking ads on each website. The criterion for lining up ads is the CPM of the ranking. This is calculated for each ad based on its cost and CTR.

Targeting by type of blocks, time, regions, and browsers is set up when creating a campaign. For each banner, you can set a limit of impressions or clicks per day and time after the click (from 1 hour). You can add several pages to which a click on the ad leads. Based on the testing, you can identify the most attractive for users.

VIP status allows you to see the URL of sites that were used as sources of traffic and make a “black” list. To effectively distribute the budget, the price is set depending on the thematic category sites, and with the VIP status – individually for each site. Data on the conversion of various topics and sites can be obtained from the detailed statistics.

How to create a blacklist in the ETARG network?

Use the statistics menu to identify the sites with the lowest efficiency, copy their IDs from the data table, contact your manager and transfer the previously copied information. If you run several advertising campaigns at the same time, be sure to tell the support team which one you need to generate a list for. Information from the blacklist is erased after 90 days. At the request of the administration, all ads must be unique, and placement of the same or similar creative is prohibited.


To get started, the advertiser needs to go to the section for creating new ads, add an image, write a headline of no more than 25 characters, and a description of the product or service – 75 characters. Select the geotargeting and the theme of the sites where the ads will be placed. To run the campaign, you need to fund the account through a personal account interface. You can do this with e-wallets or a payment card. The minimum recharge amount is 3,0000 RUB.

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