Reacheffect works with the most popular verticals i-Gaming, Sweepstakes, Adult Content etc.

Reacheffect works with the most popular verticals i-Gaming, Sweepstakes, Adult Content etc.

Reacheffect is an innovative global advertising network focused on mobile entertainment services. Reacheffect offers advertisers geo-targeted ads on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices using proprietary software. Founded in 2012 and based in Kfar Saba, Israel.

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Is it true that this is the best solution for advertising on Android?

Is it true that this is the best solution for advertising on Android?

Appnext is the largest discovery platform, offering the only recommendation engine on the market, which encompasses both in-app and on-device discovery. Appnext discovery platform powers 6.5B daily app recommendations via over 20 interactions along users’ daily mobile journey.

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Welcome to MGID!

Welcome to MGID!

MGID is an international native advertising platform that acts as an intermediary between advertisers and publishers (owners of websites, media).

It ranks second among the world leaders in the market in terms of audience coverage. MGID offices are located in five countries. The company’s headquarters is located in Santa Monica (Los Angeles County, California, USA). Every month, MGID provides 185 billion content recommendations to 850 million users. Platform support is available in 65 languages.

MGID positions itself everywhere as an American company: it is important for the American market to be American. But the company has Ukrainian roots – it was founded in 2008 in Kyiv. The office, technical center and almost 400 out of 530 employees work in Ukraine.

What are the main advantages of using this native MGID?

  • Never intrusive
    Avoid banner blindness by serving relevant content, suitable to a user’s interests.
  • Truly organic placements
    Organically intertwine advertisements into a user’s website interactions with native ad placements, free from irritation.
  • Stand out by blending in
    Utilize a more subtle and indirect selling approach, rather than standing out as purely hard-sales advertising.
  • Higher click rates
    By definition, native advertising has a 60% higher CTR.

MGID: Offers & Verticals & Support

  • Ad Types: Native Ads, Push Ads, Display, Video;
  • Cost Model: The most frequently used pricing model at MGID is CPC. However, the CPM pricing model is also available for brand awareness campaigns. Speak with your account manager for additional support about the required information and invoices;
  • Minimum Deposit: $100;
  • Payment Methods: MGID has plenty of choices when it comes to payment options. You’ll see a few methods for adding funds displayed in the dashboard. These depend on the user’s country. Besides that, you can also send payments via Paxum, WebMoney and Swift payment in different currencies: RUB, UAH, USD, EUR, INR, IDR, BRL, MXN, COP, ARS, CLP, THB;
  • Personal Onboarding Manager: Yes. (min. deposit $500);

MGID has traffic in over 200 countries and territories and coverage (monthly impressions) as follows:

  • Asia Pacific: 55 B+
  • CIS: 15B+
  • Eastern Europe & Middle East: 60 B+
  • Europe: 30 B+
  • India: 19B+
  • Latin America: 17B+
  • North America: 18B+
  • Ukraine: 5B+

Use the following tips to get the most out of your traffic:

  • Detail audience segments and optimize creatives. Use MGID’s automation and optimization tools. These include rule-based optimization, custom bidding, and price recommendation tools;
  • You should also collect as much data as possible by setting up S2S tracking with MGID. This will add an intuitive separation of information to your campaign statistics;
  • Use a traffic analysis tool when creating a new campaign. This can reveal trends in the latest traffic flow by country with daily impressions, daily clicks, and minimum recommended CPC;
  • Consider time targeting, especially if your strategy relies heavily on call center and lead times. If you are not limited by these restrictions, then segment your display time and personalize your ads based on time.
  • Plan and structure your sales funnel so that it enhances the user experience and doesn’t frustrate users;
  • Check out the articles in the MGID Academy to learn how to use creatives and landing pages to improve conversion rates without giving users artificially high expectations and unrealistic promises.

The minimum deposit for MGID is $100. However, it is recommended to start with a starting budget of at least $500-1500. This will give you enough space to test different aspects and funnels for your particular offer, as well as collect enough data to create blacklists and whitelists for your campaign.

In conclusion, MGID is an ad network that has been around for over 13 years. It’s been in the advertising business for a long time and the company continues to lead the way by actively developing and adding new features to the platform. If you want to work with such an advertising grid as this one, please contact us for help, we have our own managers so that the work will be smooth and clear!

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MAIL.RU Ads is a huge platform

MAIL.RU Ads is a huge platform

Mail.Ru Group develops internet communications and entertainment services in geo Russia and globally. The strategy is quite simple: create the best services for communication and entertainment.

According to TNS Gallup, as of March 2015, Mail.Ru was the most popular email service in Russia with 17.1 million web version visitors and 1,997,000 iOS and Android application users per day. According to the results of research over the years, the service was the most popular post in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, the second most popular Russian-speaking in Israel. In 2013, Mail.Ru ranked sixth among the most popular postal services in the world.

In March 2009, to transfer files from 30 megabytes to 20 gigabytes, was integrated with the Files@Mail.Ru storage. After bought the ICQ messenger, notifications about new letters were built into the ICQ On-Site widget, and an email client was added to ICQ Java with support for parallel work with multiple accounts. In turn, Mail.Ru Agent was built into the email interface. In June 2010, opened the mail service API for developers, making it possible to develop plugins for the service.

It is important to study and choose the right deployment before working with this platform, and here is a catalog of non-standard advertising in

  • Large banner in the mail list
  • Carousel with custom animation
  • Carousel in mobile app
  • Static native format above the list of emails

In order to understand the growth of this platform, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the list of projects that have been implemented throughout the “life of Mail.Ru”:

  • Auto is an automotive site, one of the first projects of the portal. Works since June 2005.
  • Kino The site was launched under the name Afisha in August 2000. In April 2016, the Poster was renamed into Kino
  • “Children” – a thematic site about the family. It was opened in May 2008 as a joint project of the portal and Johnson & Johnson.
  • Dobro The project was launched in August 2013. It allows you to make a donation to Russian charitable organizations that help children, the elderly, people in difficult situations, homeless animals, as well as projects to protect the environment.
  • Health Thematic site of medical subjects. It opened on October 5, 2009 on the unofficial “doctor’s day”, timed to coincide with the first Monday in October. The main materials of “Health” are thematic news and articles, reference books of diseases and medicines, a catalog of medical institutions, recommendations for first aid.
  • Lady is a women’s site that opened in February 2005.
  • News is a news aggregator that has been in existence since 1998.
  • Pogoda is a service launched in January 2001. The site publishes weather forecasts for a week, 14 days, a month and a year (based on archived data for 11 years) for 13,245 settlements in Russia and neighboring countries.
  • Real Estate is a search service for advertisements for the sale and rental of residential real estate. It was opened in 2004 in partnership with the Delovoy Mir publishing house. In 2013, the company launched the Rent app to search for apartments in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other megalopolises.
  • Games is one of the largest Russian developers and publishers of browser and client MMOs, as well as games for social networks and mobile devices. The portal includes a gaming center, a gaming industry news aggregator, and a community of players. Opened in May 2006. “Mail.Ru Games” is a developer of client online games such as Warface, Skyforge.
  • Sport is a sports news aggregator launched in September 2010.
  • Hi-Tech is a high-tech themed website launched in December 2007.
  • Pets is a project about pets launched in February 2018 with the support of the Purina pet food brand.
  • All Pharmacies is an online drug search and ordering service launched in April 2018.
  • Hi-chef is an online culinary project launched in December 2019 based on a collection of recipes from the editors of Lady
  • Dom is a project about all stages of interaction with the house, launched in November 2019.
  • “Marousia”. In November 2018, Group began writing the Marusya voice assistant program.
  • video calls. In April 2020, a video call service began to operate as part of the Group mail service.

Conclusion. Mail.Ru is a great platform to find traffic and leads in Russia as it is the largest platform that covers a huge number of people in Russia.

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Evadav is a fast growing native platform

Evadav is a fast growing native platform

Evadav is an advertising platform that trades native ads, push notifications, in-page and pop-up traffic based on CPM and CPC.

The platform serves 2+ billion impressions per day and strives to be the best in its class. Evadav offers customized technology, 24/7 customer support with dedicated account managers, and a wide range of ad formats and payment options.

y and strives to be the best in its class. Evadav offers customized technology, 24/7 customer support with dedicated account managers, and a wide range of ad formats and payment options.

The platform has been on the market for 2 years now, but they quickly managed to grow in revenue and traffic volumes, the size of the portfolio of webmasters, the pool of advertisers and the number of campaigns. 

At one’s disposal are most devices and users from 250+ countries, as EVADAV ads present to advertisers a favorable opportunity to reach the global audience. No limitations in coverage by GEO leads to a growing partnership with core advertisers.

We venture to lead the market using the latest technology solutions, acquiring 100% fraud safety and fair&quick moderation. Ingenious utility helps connect 2M+ advertiser’s campaigns with over 200M+ unique users, maintaining the Evadav inventory’s continuous growth.

Ad Formats by Evadav:

  • Native ads are always shown within the site’s content, ensuring ultimate viewability for your creatives. Native banners have click rates that are eight times higher than regular formats. They represent a very effective tool for building audience engagement;
  • Push notifications take advantage of a subscriber’s previous consent to deliver ads instantly to any device. This form of ad is visible even when the user is not browsing;
  • In-page ads are displayed directly on the website. They works with all browsers and platforms, and especially work well with iOS. Non-intrusive, they provide an access to an audience that might be tired of push formats;
  • Popunders appear behind a browser window, and are fully visible once the main window is closed or minimized. They are only shown to unique viewers once a day or with optimal frequency. This means that budgets are not drained when a user repeatedly goes to the same site.

The main advantages of this platform are collected here:

  • Fully optimized traffic for each niche;
  • Separation into premium and standard traffic;
  • Loyal and fast moderation, which can accept even hardcore adult creatives for less than 20 minutes;
  • Support 24/7;
  • Systems of protection against bots;
  • Targeting by city / country;
  • Auto rules to automate the collection of sources and cost of conversions;
  • You can add up to 8 different creatives to one campaign, etc.

You will also have a personal manager who will help with all questions, campaign setup and optimization, even if your first deposit is minimal.
Conclusion. Evadav is a fast-growing company with good results. considering the main geos of this platform as Europe and India, it can be concluded that the traffic is the largest from there. If you are looking for a new native platform with more ad formats then Evadav is the place to go!

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Find new traffic with Galaksion

Find new traffic with Galaksion

If you’re running an affiliate marketing campaign, you know how important it is to find new traffic sources. Over time, your current traffic sources will dry up and you will need to find new ones to keep your campaign running. Galaksion is one such option. In this Galaksion ScroogeFrog’s review, we will go over everything about this ad network to help you decide if it’s worth a try or if you should skip it and move on to something else.

The Galaksion advertising network is not new in the advertising business – it has existed since 2014 as a private network headquartered in Riga, Latvia. After a few years, it finally opened its doors to the public as a self-serve advertising platform. If you are looking for a new source of traffic, Galaksion is definitely worth considering. Not only does it offer a CPA pricing model, but it also has direct traffic. And this is just the beginning – let’s take a closer look at all the features that make Galaksion such an attractive choice for affiliate marketers.

Top Geo Galaksion:

Galaksion is a great way to get your message across. Its wide feature set makes it easy to see why so many companies rely on it to reach their target audience.

The most important thing to remember about the CPA business model is that it is based on conversions, not clicks. This means that if someone clicks on an ad but doesn’t convert, the advertiser doesn’t owe anything (except for the testing period).

This is a great option for advertisers as it only allows them to pay for results. If an ad network offers a CPA business model, this is a clear indicator that they have quality traffic.

The CPA business model works by reserving (freezing) a test budget from your current balance and running tests on a campaign until the budget is used up. mobile push-ups, in-page notifications, and interstitials.

The CPA goal allows advertisers to automatically optimize campaigns with minimal intervention. While they both focus on CPA, they should not be confused with the CPA business model we discussed above. The difference between the CPA business model and the CPA goal is that in the latter case, you specify the desired cost per conversion and the system will do its best to achieve this goal, but you still pay them based on CPM.

When we worked with this platform, we were pleased to see the functionality for creatives, since Galaksion has a database of free templates. If you are testing a new offer or running out of ideas on how to promote a particular offer, you can refer to any of the ad templates in Galaksion and use them. You can use these templates as is or as a starting point for your own creative designs.

One of the best ways to capture the attention of users and keep them interested in your ad is to make the ad relevant to them. You can do this with dynamic keywords or macros in the ad.

Galaksion allows you to add the following macros to creatives:

  • Country
  • Region
  • City
  • Internet Service Provider
  • Platform
  • Operating Systems
  • Browser

Conclusion. The main idea of Galaksion is that this ad network is a powerful tool for attracting potential customers, but it is not without risks. With a well-planned and executed advertising campaign, partners can reach a large number of people with their advertising. Although results are not guaranteed, trying to trust (also known as running a test campaign) can bring unexpected results. You can even choose a CPA model and pay only for conversions which is a significant plus.

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