Dochase from Lagos – Nigeria

Dochase from Lagos – Nigeria

Accelerate growth with advertising on websites, apps, offline, mobile, and rich media. Dochase integrates technology, analytics, data, and creativity to enable you to diversify your customer reach effectively and efficiently.
Dochase DSP enables agencies and brands to achieve efficiency in programmatic media buying, innovative ads delivery, and a run complete digital agency. Reach new markets, manage client expectations, deliver reports in real time, and more.

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Capture the attention of potential and existing customers by prompting them to interact with the ad and provide a more engaging experience.
Rich Media ads are measurable and scalable, unlike typical banner ads which allow you to measure only impressions and click-throughs. It takes away ads from irritation to fascination. The platform has access to 91.9% of customers who use the internet, mobile phone, and apps. Reach target audience on mobile internet, top websites, social media, apps, and direct android phones.

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Gain insights to plan execute and monitor your marketing projects. Leverage access to accurate data to create improved and efficient targeting for digital advertising. Dochase provides quality assurance and ensures that there is no breach in data regulations. What does performance mean to you? Drive what matters— awareness, app installations, leads, and online sales. Attract the right type of customers, convert leads and become a more profitable business. Your campaign metrics can be tracked and reported for your convenience.

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