Welcome PopIn – Japanese giant!

Welcome PopIn – Japanese giant!

Popin Discovery ads is Japanese Premium Native Ad Platform. PopIn Co., Ltd is a venture company founded in July 2008 by ChengTao, an information science and technology student from Tokyo University. By analyzing user’s motivation and providing an optimal interface, it makes information more intelligent and contributes to increasing thevalue of internet.

PopIn has such GEOs:

  • Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Korea, Malaysia and Singapore.

With network over more than 400 fine media, popIn has become a premium and one of the largest native ad platform in Japan. They place advertisements on major newspapers, publishing companies, newsagencies etc, in the recommended widget as the same format as it is in themedia content.
Ads are automatically optimized based on the content of the page that the useris browsing or their activity history, result to all the advertisements can bedelivered to many users as useful information without discomfort.

With popIn’s unique algorithm that incorporates natural language processing and AI technology, advertiser contentcan be delivered to the optimal placement of media in the network.Engagement of users who receive useful content ads will be increased. In addition, since the advertisement can be delivered by specifying the context(article category) classified by the original algorithm, simple and detailed advertising operation becomes possible.

the info from official web-site
the examples of native ads

How can we reach advertising as content to many users?
This has become possible by networking over 900 excellent media and building the premium and largest native ad platform in Japan.

The destination is excellent media such as major newspapers, publishers, news agencies, etc. You can place advertisements in the same format as the content of the media in the recommendation widget.
In addition, ads are automatically optimized according to the content of the page that the user is browsing and the activity history.
This makes it possible to deliver advertisements as useful information to many users without discomfort.

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