Alternative Adverts – leading digital marketing agency in Lagos Nigeria

Attract and convert more customers with one high-performance contextual advertising networks in Africa !
If you are looking for Online advertising agencies in Nigeria or Africa in general, look no further because with this platform you will be able to reach several millions of your target customers/clients online, with your products and services at an affordable price. You can setup pay per click (PPC) or CPM campaign using banner ads, Text ads and Video Ads, served on our Adserver and partner websites.

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Billioner Engageya

Today Engageya is a successful Israel and fast-growing company that serves more than 40 billion impressions worldwide every month.
It has opened international offices in several key markets and are committed to providing publishers, brands, advertisers and media agencies with innovative technologies designed to grow the business, increase traffic, generate new revenue and improve bottom line results.

Engageya`s partners

Engageya is developing the world’s most innovative platform for native advertising to serve publishers, advertisers and media agencies that want to discover new markets and experience new revenue streams.

-Responding to the growing demand for native ads
-Having experience a vast increase in impressions and clicks across your entire publisher inventory
-Customizing the widget and reporting dashboard to your branding requirements
-Enjoying the transparent cross-network reporting while offering your publishers access to widget performance metrics.
Engageya’s native advertising platform gives advertisers unparalleled reach to target users in emerging markets.

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