Adgebra – India`s largest multilingual native advertising platform

There are 7 reasons, why it is Adgebra:

  • 3x better CTR
  • free translations
  • precise targeting
  • flexi service model
  • global reach
  • desired audience mix
  • multi-lingual

Adgebra has such targeting options:

  • GEOGRAPHY Country, State, CityInclude or Exclude
  • INTENT 10+ audience intent types to choose from
  • LANGUAGE 11 languages to choose from
  • KEYWORD Target any keyword in all languages
  • DEVICE Laptop, Mobile, Both or Any
  • SITE Website, App, Notification, Blacklist or Whitelist

250 million+ untapped digital audience across 3000+ regional language websites including English .

You can order the advertising of your product on this network in Scrooge Frog Ltd´╗┐

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