Optimizing user acquisition with Moloco’s in-app platform for a gambling app

In this case study, we aim to demonstrate how our agency, ScroogeFrog, leveraged Moloco’s in-app platform to optimize a user acquisition campaign for a gambling app client. We’ll showcase the strategies implemented, the challenges faced, and the remarkable results achieved. Moloco’s in-app user acquisition platform is a prime example, offering businesses a comprehensive, data-driven approach to reach their target audiences effectively. Recognized as a top performer in the AppsFlyer Performance Index Edition X, Moloco stands out among nearly four hundred platforms across several categories. For more details, check out our detailed article on this platform – https://blog.scroogefrog.com/2023/11/deep-dive-into-the-israeli-moloco-in-app-platform-for-user-engagement/.

Client background

Our client, operating in the gambling app industry, approached us with a clear goal: to optimize user acquisition with a daily budget of $10,000 across various GEOs, including Poland (PL), Germany (DE), New Zealand (NZ), Denmark (DK), Switzerland (CH), Hungary (HU), Norway (NO), and Canada (CA). The primary objective was to drive first-time deposits and subsequent deposits. The campaign did not require a license but necessitated a suppression list to block existing users from seeing the campaign.

The client provided preliminary soft KPIs, not mandatory but beneficial for reference:

Conversion rates from Install to Deposit (CPA event):

  – CA: Mint (i2r – 13%, r2d – 3%), Google (i2r – 7%, r2d – 2%)

  – NO: Mint (i2r – 9%, r2d – 2%)

  – DC: Mint (i2r – 16%, r2d – 11%)

  – CH: Mint (i2r – 14%, r2d – 6%)

  – PL: Mint (i2r – 22%, r2d – 11%), Google (i2r – 15%, r2d – 6%)

  – NZ: Mint (i2r – 19%, r2d – 10%)

To ensure the success of the campaign, Moloco required the client to provide all necessary postbacks and detailed user funnel actions within the app. This included:

– Enabling unattributed data for installs, app opens/sessions, and KPI events.

– Implementing revenue postbacks for ROAS campaigns.

– Including an ATT consent screen in the app to collect IDFA.

– Specifying performance sources of truth, enabling Probabilistic Attribution (PA), and mapping SKAN schema for iOS.

Campaign performance

April 2024

During the month of the advertising campaign (all of April 2024), the GEO campaign expanded greatly, with all GEOs (RO, DK, AU, PT, AT, HU, FI, LU) gradually added. This was a User Acquisition campaign utilizing dCPM, with CPI varying depending on the quality of users received. The system bids at the individual user level based on the likelihood of taking a certain action. Two iOS applications were also tried but quickly stopped after three days due to high costs compared to the number of conversions (deposits) received. The client received advertising results that completely satisfied them.

As we see in the statistics from the dashboard (screenshot below):

  • Total Spend: $196,274.29
  • Number of Installs: 33,320
  • Average CPI: $5.89
  • Number of Conversions (Deposits): 1,281
  • CPA (Deposit): $153.22 (less than expected)

We strongly recommend not making a large number of edits to already running campaigns! During the learning phase, the system analyzes large amounts of data, determines the most effective strategies for your target audience, and tests different approaches. This is necessary for AI to fine-tune parameters and algorithms, ultimately leading to improved ROI (Return on Investment) of your advertising campaign.


The client’s budget for all these GEOs and campaigns grew to $10,320 per day, and the client was satisfied with the traffic and thus ready to spend more for the results. Next month, it is planned to add new GEOs and continue campaigns.

Conclusion from the Results

Moloco has quite expensive traffic but is of high quality. They have a good gambling inventory and can achieve their goals and the required number of deposits. Since we work directly with the network, we can offer our clients the best conditions for approving creatives and launching new applications from stores.

One app had a low install cost in Hungary (HUN) CPI ($2.21) and achieved a good IPM (3.59), indicating an effective campaign in terms of cost and install acquisition. However, the same app in Norway (NOR) had a high CPA ($254.58 but within the acceptable KPI), signaling the need to review the strategy for the next month.

Collaborating with agencies like ScroogeFrog is not just beneficial; it’s essential. By leveraging our expertise, clients save both time and money, ultimately boosting their earnings. Our proven track record in optimizing ad campaigns and driving successful outcomes underscores the value of partnering with professionals.