Introducing maximize conversions: NewsBreak’s Ads latest innovation in ad bidding

NewsBreak, the nation’s leading local news and information platform boasting 50 million monthly active users (MAU), has unveiled Maximize Conversions, a groundbreaking bidding strategy within its renowned ad platform. Designed specifically for performance advertisers, Maximize Conversions aims to provide a predictable daily budget expenditure while maximizing the number of conversions achieved.

Powered by Advanced AI, historical performance data, and contextual signals, Maximize Conversions dynamically adjusts bids to intelligently target NewsBreak’s high-potential users, ensuring optimal conversion rates while adhering to advertisers’ daily budget constraints. This innovative approach leverages various ad formats and placements, including native, display, immersive video, pre-roll, and app open, to deliver exceptional outcomes.

Key Features of Maximize Conversions:

– Minimum Budget: Starting from $300, making it accessible to advertisers of varying budgets;

– Dashboard Access: Manage campaigns conveniently through the intuitive dashboard;

– Geo-Targeting: Available exclusively in the USA, with a minimum CPC of 10 cents;

– In-App Traffic: Reach a massive audience of 16 million daily users within the US market;

– Flexible Pricing Models: Choose from CPA, CPC, CPM, and support for app installs;

– Native Advertising: Engage users seamlessly within the NewsBreak app, with additional options for newsletter placements.

Additionally, NewsBreak offers comprehensive ad policies to ensure compliance and brand safety, with details available [here]( Advertisers can leverage the platform’s expertise in content recommendation to drive engagement and conversions effectively.

NewsBreak is currently offering a $500 promo for Dubai leads, providing advertisers with an opportunity to test the platform’s capabilities and reach a highly engaged audience.

With 16 million daily active users (DAU) and 60 million monthly users, NewsBreak is the US’ #1 local news app, offering unparalleled reach and engagement. The platform’s industry-leading ad platform has garnered acclaim among performance advertisers, delivering exceptional results across various verticals. From finance to health and household products, advertisers can tap into NewsBreak’s diverse audience and content-driven recommendations to drive conversions effectively.

In addition to its cutting-edge advertising solutions, NewsBreak also offers a post-payment solution, providing advertisers with flexibility.