AdProfex – converting source of native and push traffic without bots, we’ll tell you the main features of the work

AdProfex (ex. Ads2bid)  is a modern platform of native advertising and push notifications, allowing advertisers to effectively promote offers of all popular verticals, and for publishers to profitably monetize the traffic of their sites.

It serves as a bridge between advertisers and publishers, offering a streamlined, automated system for buying and selling ad inventory across various digital channels.

The traditional advertising model often faced challenges in targeting the right audience at the right time, resulting in inefficiencies and reduced ROI. AdProfex breaks this model by introducing a sophisticated algorithm that uses data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence to optimize ad placement and ensure conversions.

Key benefits for advertisers:

  • Provides clients with 20 million confirmed conversions per year;
  • 2 forms of advertising: native for men 45+ and push notifications with a pure young and adult audience for different verticals;
  • More than 60 countries to work in, excellent performance in Russia, the CIS, Asia and Eastern Europe;
  • More than 30 different tools for customization, including CPA optimization of advertising campaigns and retargeting;
  • 0% bot traffic due to natural and anti-fraud solutions.

Main Ad Formats:

  • Native advertising for audiences 45+
  • Push notifications with a net audience of 25+ and 45+ for different verticals.
  • Verticals for work:
  • Nutra
  • Wap Click
  • Finance
  • News
  • Gambling
  • Dating
  • Betting
  • Sweepstakes
  • Search arbitrage
  • Utilities
  • Adult
  • Adsense monetization
  • Content arbitrage

Owners of websites with an average audience of 5,000 unique users per day for 3 months. AdProfex allows you to profitably monetize traffic from sites by connecting advertising blocks to the page.

AdProfex algorithms are designed in such a way that website visitors see only those advertisements that correspond to the content of the site and personal user requests. Depending on the volume and quality of traffic, AdProfex can automatically increase the cost per click.

The wide functionality of the advertising network and the many useful tools that AdProfex offers allow you to effectively promote offers of various verticals to a high-quality target audience around the world, while avoiding bot traffic. If you were looking for a source of large volumes of quality traffic that can provide conversions, AdProfex is the advertising network that can provide it.