Redpeak native advertising platform: what is important to know?

In the ever-changing world of digital advertising, companies are constantly looking for innovative ways to effectively reach their target audience. Native advertising has become a game changer in the industry, and the Redpeak Native Ads platform is a convenient way to advertise.

Native advertising is the seamless integration of advertising content with organic content. This form of advertising is less intrusive and more engaging, making it a win-win for both advertisers and consumers. Redpeak has harnessed the potential of native advertising to create a platform that is changing the way brands interact with their audiences.

Readpeak, the fastest-growing Native Advertising Platform in the Nordics, has been honored with a Bronze Award in the prestigious Native Advertising Awards 2023. The award was presented at the Native Advertising Institute’s online show on May 10, 2023.

The Native Advertising Awards, the largest international awards program dedicated to native advertising, celebrates and recognizes the exceptional work within an industry that continues to grow in prominence and financial importance. With 30 categories under the themes of organization, strategy, channels, and format, the awards honor outstanding campaigns in both print and digital media.

The Redpeak Native Ads platform is an advanced solution that allows companies to seamlessly reach their target audience through native advertising. This allows brands to create content that blends seamlessly with the look and feel of the websites and apps it is displayed on. Redpeak offers a wide range of ad formats, from in-feed ads to content recommendations, to ensure your message reaches your audience organically.

The main features that distinguish Redpeak:

  1. Speed

Create native advertising campaigns quickly, smartly and stylishly for your clients. “The best UX they’ve seen on the market.”;

  1. Reach

They are a partner with thousands of premium publishers and news sites. For this reason, you can reach millions of readers via Readpeak with your message. Plus, you can just as easily build campaigns anywhere in the Nordic countries as theyll as in the UK;

  1. Precision

Choose exactly which premium news sites to show your ad campaign on, and get the best results with automatic bidding and budget optimization;

  1. Algorithms

You have complete control over which news sites show your ad campaign and which audiences you want to reach. At the same time, for the best results they automatically optimize your ad campaigns using advanced algorithms;

  1. Analytics

See all your campaign data in real time via Readpeak’s built-in Dashboard. To track how your campaign is performing, you can easily download reports or order a  weekly report directly to your email;

  1. Optimization

A-B automatically tests different versions of an ad and ad groups. With the automatic optimization of our platform, optimize your campaigns for best performance. This can producing up to a 250%* increase in CTR.

Readpeak has specialized in several details

Automatic Optimization

they will optimize your campaign automatically. All you have to do is specify the maximum amount you want to spend on a click to your theybsite. Once you’ve set a maximum cost-per-click (CPC), Readpeak will take care of the entire buying process with your campaign and the publishers on whose sites you want your campaign to appear. Our algorithm works efficiently to keep the price for you as low as possible. So in most cases, you’ll pay less than your maximum budget.

Scaling to every site with unique layouts

they automatically ensure that the image, title, and teaser of your native ad are scaled correctly for each site. This means that even if your ad has the same content, it will look different on the pages of MTV-news, Ilta-Sanomat and MeNaiset, etc. The ad will always look similar to the other content on the news site. This is the core of native advertising and they take care of this process automatically.

Same ad scaling on different news sites to fit the form and style of the context

Advanced features

Readpeak has many advanced features in case you need to build re-marketing campaigns, do conversion optimization, or involve third parties such as Doubleclick or Adform in campaign tracking. Ask us for more information.

Track results in real time

Once you’ve created and activated your own campaign, it will start running on the news sites of the selected media and you’ll be able to track statistics in real time from your subscription tracking view. You’ll be able to see which ads work best and on which news sites. You can also track conversions as theyll as which news sites generate the best reading times for you.

Monitor every ad performance in real time
You can track performance down to site and placement level

Billing is smooth and transparent

Your campaigns will be charged at the beginning of each month. The charge is based on the actual budget spent in the previous month. You can determine the size of the budget yourself. To recap, you don’t pay anything in advance, you get the results of your campaign first, and only then do you pay for them.

To put it briefly, ReadPeak is live in eight countries: 

  • Germany, 
  • Austria, 
  • Switzerland, 
  • Norway, 
  • Finland, 
  • Sweden, 
  • Denmark,
  • UK. 

In these countries you can also buy transparent traffic. ReadPeak is a 100% Native platform/DSP. Billing and bidding model is CPC basis only.

Conclusion. In a digital world filled with banner ads and pop-ups, the Redpeak Native Ads platform is becoming a beacon of innovation. If you’re looking for a way to increase your brand awareness while maintaining a positive user experience, Redpeak is a platform that deserves your consideration. If you need help setting up advertising on this platform, you can contact our agency!