MonadPlug. The platform offers web push notifications, native ads and various statistical methods

MonadPlug is a growing online platform founded in 2015, the highest possible income through a fast, innovative and smart way of working. They are the result of a significant increase in revenue through web push notifications, native advertising and various statistical methods.

Modified approaches are deliberately customized by their team of specialists just for you. Their main goal is to expand the brand, grow revenues, improve the quality of customer service and much more. They value long-term cases that are based on establishing strong associations, initial and important goals for important goals.

Advertising creative examples

The MonadPlug research team is pursuing research to identify new monetization methods. They are always considering more and more revenue opportunities for advertisers, bloggers or publishers.

They detect a change in your monetization path with smart monetization solutions. They prefer their users to everything. They monetize not only websites, but also software, a browser extension or a mobile application. If you’re a generalist app developer looking for scale, their MKS system is out. Luckily, MonadPlug is a smart monetization platform that works with incredibly insightful and versatile methods and tricks.

Main benefits of working with MonadPlug:

Global coverage:

MonadPlug uses an excellent monetization strategy by connecting advertisers and publishers from all over the world through one station. Advertisers get a great optimization of their income when their ads are published with high traffic on publishing sites, thus attracting more customers. What’s more, publishers around the world are adept at monetizing their websites with MonadPlug. All of them are used via MonadPlug!

Net advertising:

MonadPlug takes great care of its advertising. Only ads that are free of all types of viruses and bugs are published to ensure the safety of publishing websites. Moreover, it is strictly against fraudulent, offensive or illegal ads. It always upholds its standards and only supports clean and safe ads.

Compatibility with Google Adsense:

MonadPlug can be easily linked to other advertising tools already in use. For example, most publishers use Google Adsense for monetization, so if they want to increase their earnings without losing the previous one, MonadPlug gives them the opportunity to use it seamlessly along with any other advertising tools. It does not conflict or interfere with existing ones!

Ad blocker bypass:

MonadPlug gently increases your revenue by managing your ads to get through ad blocking software. This immediately increases the pub’s profit by 20%. However, they take great care to keep the ads harmless while ensuring quality and standard.

Publisher Community:

MnadPlug is a single platform that invites you to interact with the best publishers from around the world. MonadPlug meetings are frequent. You can visit them, meet top-notch publishers, participate with the team in new creative projects and thus increase your income!

High payouts:

MonadPlus is one of the best ad networks offering high CPM and CPC rates in the market to attract more quality publishers from all over the world.

In short, the main advantages are:

  • MonadPlug promotes your ads with smart ad formats;
  • Supports multiple ad formats;
  • Quality traffic;
  • Quickly launch campaigns in less than 10 minutes;
  • It promotes your ads to high traffic websites;
  • Their ads are promoted in real time;
  • They can access the analytics of their daily earnings through the dashboard;
  • For their successful campaigns, a personal manager is assigned to them;
  • Main geo Balkan countries;
  • Active customer support is provided from 9 to 5 from Monday to Friday.

Conclusion. MonadPlug provides full visibility into statistics, as well as budget, and each advertiser displays ads as they see fit. You can start ads yourself and stop them whenever you want, also according to MonadPlug they have huge reach even for ads that “doesn’t even look like good ads”, you don’t have to be a pro to start working with this platform, so if you Beginner or Middle recommend trying MonadPlug.