Digital growth with Backgardon: your partner for advanced in-app advertising solutions

Backgardon, established in 2015, is a powerhouse in the digital advertising sector, specializing in performance solutions that deliver qualified traffic and high-converting offers. With its headquarters in Hong Kong and Singapore, and additional branches in India, Brazil, and Poland, Backgardon has crafted a niche in the global market, serving over 3,000 companies across diverse sectors including finance, e-commerce, entertainment, and tools.

Backgardon’s advertising prowess extends over a massive user base of 600 million, covering key regions such as Indonesia, India, Brazil, the Philippines, Europe, America, and Southeast Asia. This extensive reach has positioned Backgardon as a preferred partner for brands aiming for both breadth and depth in their advertising efforts.

At the core of Backgardon’s operations is a commitment to customer-centric solutions. The company operates on principles of integrity and mutual benefit, aiming to optimize advertising performance in every campaign. Backgardon’s approach involves sophisticated event tracking, user targeting, high-quality creative solutions, and real-time bidding, allowing for precise user group identification and effective advertising placements that maximize revenue.

Backgardon manages a diverse array of media traffic which includes ad networks, in-app traffic, mobile manufacturer traffic, community/We-media traffic, and RTB/ADX programmatic advertising traffic. Leveraging these assets, Backgardon has developed its proprietary AND platform which performs deep analysis of advertisers’ KPIs across various dimensions such as audience segments, bidding strategies, and creative content. This strategic analysis is designed to ensure optimal cost-efficiency and maximum return on investment (ROI) for advertisers.

Backgardon excels in in-app traffic, offering a variety of traffic models such as banners, full/interstitial screens, splash screens, native advertising, and videos. Each model is tailored to meet the specific needs of the campaign and designed to engage users effectively, enhancing both visibility and interaction.

With a minimum budget requirement of $1000, Backgardon is accessible to businesses looking to make a significant impact in key markets including Brazil, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, the United States, Mexico, Thailand, Vietnam, and Colombia. The platform supports a wide range of verticals from finance to gaming, dating, shopping, and entertainment, with optimization strategies focused on CPI and CPA, ensuring actions like registrations and deposits are maximized.

Backgardon invites advertisers from around the globe to join its network, promising a partnership that not only meets but exceeds marketing goals. By choosing Backgardon, advertisers and publishers alike can expect a partnership that is built on transparency, innovation, and sustained growth.

In conclusion, if you’re looking to amplify your digital advertising strategies and achieve extraordinary results, Backgardon is your ideal partner. To work with Backgardon, connect with us at ScroogeFrog.