What you should know about IMO

What you should know about IMO

IMO is a product of the company Bigo Ads, it is a well-known platform that combined 2 functions: public service and instant message with video and audio communication service.
The young generation uses and prefers IMO because it is easy, comfortable, a modern, cool wave for generation Z.

Let’s talk about its features:

High-quality call experience
Thanks to reliable and stable technologies, you will not have any obstacles with calls, as everything works even if the network is poor or unstable.

Sharing social updates in real-time
You can send a photo, or video and share what is going on in your life with your friends anytime.

Free messaging
Be in touch with your relatives, friends, and lovers, and send messages for free anytime and wherever you are. IMO knows how you value your people and how relationships are important to you.


1. High user loyalty together with huge traffic.
2. Excellent consumer potential that is quite valuable for brands.
3. Maximum brand awareness in the app.
4. Famous and popular platform that gained trust and recognition among young users.

There are 6 types of ads

Brand Takeover ads increase brand awareness by delivering a solid visual impact. Imo’s first screen attracts attention

To create an exclusive brand identity and draw attention to your brand turn to Top Banner ads. Home page placement provides attention and brilliantly expresses a brand concept.

Chat List & Audio Call ads both make a chain that gets more users. With these two resources connected tightly, more traffic is available.

End Call
Boost advertisers’ ROI with an immersive interstitial. Full-screen advertising display makes your content more significant and attractive.

Story stream ads very natively appear when someone watches stories on IMO. It is naturally interwoven with users’ stories so they do not irritate users.

One more type of ad that impresses users is Story Feed. It appears when a user exits stories with no interruption. Good-looking full-screen features call attention and mention your brand.

To create an ad campaign

Choose your campaign objective on the campaign page. Set a name and budget for a campaign.

Advertising Objective

Traffic: Drives traffic to the website.

App Installs: Gets more users to download your app.

Budget Setting 

Select from 3 variants: No limit, Daily budget, and Total budget.

The minimum daily/total budget is 20 USD.

How to create new ads:

1. Add ads

Choose your creative from the library or computer and upload it. You can use images and video.

2. Choose your thumbnail of a video

The first frame of your video will be chosen as a thumbnail by default. But you also can upload a new image to be the thumbnail. It’s up to you.

3. Upload logo
4. Enter your ad texts

Headline: not more than 18 characters;

Body Texts: not more than 40 characters;

5. Choose your Call to Action:
Apply now, book now, contact us, play game, download, get offer, shop now, learn more,  sign up,  watch more,  use app, and subscribe.
6. Select a category and add ad tags 

【Category】Choose the right category, it will help the system to find you the right users.

【Ad Tags】Enter words for the description of your app or website, so the system could understand your product and show it to the right users.

IMO has a huge user base, advanced artificial intelligence algorithm, and powerful data analysis capabilities, combined with great messenger and video/call function.

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