How does advertising work in the youth network Likee?

Likee is a social network where people can create and edit short videos using music and share these videos with other people.

Likee can remind TikTok but it has some differences. Likee positions itself as an application created for some kind of “magic”. Effects that are available there are unique and belong to the so-called “superpowers”. 

Bigo created Likee and released it in July 2017, and right away it entered the TOP entertainment apps on Google Play. There are more than 90 million active users.

BIGO Technology has been paying close attention to artificial intelligence. The applications created by the company are also used for video chats. More than 400 million people use BIGO Technology applications in the world.
Its audience is the so-called generation Z- young people not older than 25 years old.

Great visual immersion will catch your attention due to SuperView ads. A full-screen vertical video (with sound) that lasts from 10 to 60 seconds improves the efficiency of exposure and recognition. Announce loudly about brand important events like e-commerce discounted promotion, cultural festivals, brand big day, etc.

After opening the app, on the first screen you see Brand takeover ads. It boosts brand awareness and influences broad audiences by grabbing the audience’s interests.

3-second image or up to 6-second video are both supported with a full-screen display that attracts users.

In-Feed ads is a full-screen and story-telling video embedded in “Popular” & “For You” feeds, it natively shows your brand and meets all kinds of marketing needs. Slide left will direct users to the landing page where a full-screen video ad (5-30 seconds) plays automatically with sound.

There is one more campaign called Likee hashtag challenge that attracts audiences to create themed content and increase exposure. Supreme resources with Multi-methods of UGC Inspiration will make your brand go viral and motivate users to create massive cool content that will definitely stans out from the crowd.

For creative people, there is a Likee special effect (multi results, stickers, make-up, and many others) for shooting and editing videos. Thanks to these tools, users can try themselves in creating extraordinary videos.

To create an ad campaign

Choose your campaign objective on the campaign page. Set a name and budget for a campaign.

Advertising Objective

Traffic: Drives traffic to the website.

App Installs: Gets more users to download your app.

Budget Setting 

Select from 3 variants: No limit, Daily budget, and Total budget.

The minimum daily/total budget is 20 USD.

How to create new ads:

1. Add ads

Choose your creative from the library or computer and upload it. You can use images and video.

2. Choose your thumbnail of a video

The first frame of your video will be chosen as a thumbnail by default. But you also can upload a new image to be the thumbnail. It’s up to you.

3. Upload logo
4. Enter your ad texts

Headline: not more than 18 characters;

Body Texts: not more than 40 characters;

5. Choose your Call to Action:
Apply now, book now, contact us, play game, download, get offer, shop now, learn more,  sign up,  watch more,  use app, and subscribe.
6. Select a category and add ad tags 

【Category】Choose the right category, it will help the system to find you the right users.

【Ad Tags】Enter words for the description of your app or website, so the system could understand your product and show it to the right users.

Summing up, Likee ads can reach a new audience as it is a popular platform where users can create, share, and add music and short videos. It is a great platform for presenting your brand and getting attention to your service.

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