Why advertising on Facebook is a reasonable choice

Why advertising on Facebook is a reasonable choice

Facebook now has 2 billion active users per month, and you probably wondered whether to use Facebook ads to grow your business. Below you will find a list of reasons why advertising on Facebook is a reasonable choice both to start working with social networks and to search for new opportunities for growth.

1) Anyone can advertise
2) Convenient setup
3) Facebook audience (as already mentioned, more than two billion people use Facebook every month. This means that you can reach current customers, new customers, as well as people interested in your company or organization).

4) Adaptation of advertising for specific goals (Facebook offers a variety of advertising goals, so you can choose those options that meet your needs and business goals. Always choose those advertising goals that will help you solve specific problems of your company. There are optimized goals for many tasks, whether it’s increasing engagement for publishing, redirecting people to a site or searching for leads).

the examples of ads

5) Simple advertising solutions (you can easily and quickly create ads directly from the Facebook Page. To create such an advertisement, look for the Advertisement button on your Page or try to promote publications using the Promote publication button, which is available in some publications).
6) More sophisticated advertising solutions (you can also use the Ads Manager to create and manage Facebook ads. More types of ads are available in this ad creation tool than on Page: listed below are some of the advertising goals from Ads Manager:

  • Lead Generation: Gather information about people interested in your company.
  • Conversions: Encourage people to perform an action on your site, such as adding billing information or making a purchase. Use Facebook pixel or in-app events to track and measure conversions.
  • Brand Awareness: reach people who are most likely to pay attention to your advertising and increase your brand awareness.
the examples of different types of ads

7) Rational spending of the budget
8) Access to advertising from various social networks
9) Targeting options
10) Many options for advertising creatives
11) Measurement of results
12) Useful notifications
13) The rapid development of Facebook (this item is highlighted separately, as the number of audience increases daily, which expands the capabilities of the target audience).

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