What are macros for and what do they do?

What are macros for and what do they do?

Macros are a component you can add to a link/tracking URL. It is used as a key that represents a command or an action. Using macros enables you to collect more data in your tracker about the clicks your campaign generates, based on your targets.

Accurate and targeted data is the basis for effective optimization, while macros provide you with more detailed information about your campaign traffic.

Using these simple keywords will allow you to collect data and then target your campaign to specific traffic that was more relevant or useful to you.

Often you don’t know the actual value so you want to assign it to a parameter. Things like transaction IDs change with each click, and partner IDs change based on each partner using your tracking links. In these cases, you use macros instead of specific values.

Macros are a special value that will later be replaced by another piece of information. In TUNE, the macros are always enclosed in curly braces ( {} ) and will be replaced with a value from the database.

For example, you can use macros to populate the transaction id and partner id values ​​for this hypothetical offer URL at the start of session tracking:

Here are a couple of examples of the most common macros:

{teaser_id}:  Creative ID

{widget_id}: ID of the site from which the user came

{campaign_id}: Campaign ID 

{category_id}: ID of the creative category 

{user_id}: User ID

{geo}: Geo (countries) of impressions selected in the campaign settings

{geo_region}: Geo (cities/regions) of impressions selected in the campaign settings

{click_id}: Click ID

{click_price}: Price per click

In digital works, macros can be used to easily reuse and implement a circuit in another circuit. This functionality makes it a lot easier to design larger circuits, without getting lost in a big collection of gates. Macros have an unlimited amount of inputs and outputs, which can be connected in a logical diagram.

You should use the appropriate option to track clicks or navigate users to a destination URL. Using the wrong option could mean that click tracking isn’t being recorded or users aren’t reaching the target URL. If both click tracking and click-through URLs are required, you’ll need to further ensure that the macros are properly ordered or “linked” together using the correct options.

In conclusion, we can draw some benefits of using macros, such as which platform users came from, and analyze which creative is better. You can also track the user’s path and effectively optimize advertising to adjust the marketing strategy and advertising budget.

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Are you looking for effective traffic in the Balkans?

Are you looking for effective traffic in the Balkans?

Native Media was founded in early 2018. Native Media is a web and mobile channel platform with a great experience, opportunity and revenue maximization experience for publishers and advertisers.

Native media will provide customers with quality traffic, a professional response to your needs and an individual approach to any request.

Native Media is an easy-to-use platform with all the useful filters to target your target group and place ads on sites that will bring you the most conversions. Whether you’re selling something or spreading the word about your brand. Native Media does not charge for ad impressions, only CPC clicks. Just as important! The advantage of this platform is the weekly payment. Withdraw your earned money every Tuesday via PayPal, bank account, Skrill, or Payoneer.

First of all, the platform provides the following targeting options:

  • Geo-targeting – Our geo-targeting features allow you to reach people by country;
  • Keyword Targeting – Build a list of keywords relevant to your campaign and our system will ensure your ads only appear on sites containing those keywords;
  • Category Targeting – Filter your target websites by selecting categories and thereby increase your ROI;
  • Device Targeting – Target your ads to desktop devices and/or mobile devices (Android, IOS, Windows).

How much does it cost to advertise on the Native Media platform?

Before you start working with this native platform, you need to familiarize yourself with the advertising policy:

The content of the ad must match the publisher’s website:

  • It is forbidden to place advertisements, the content of which violates and does not comply with the laws of the country of the site where it is placed;
  • The website you are promoting must be accessible by clicking on an ad;
  • It is forbidden to advertise a website that has many links to other websites, as this slows down and hampers traffic;
  • It is not allowed to place the contact information of the advertiser in the content of the ad;
  • It is forbidden to advertise sites without content;
  • Posting ads with similar content is prohibited.

It is important to get acquainted with the guides on the Native Media website before working with it, you will find useful information there, especially for those who work with them for the first time.

In conclusion, based on our vast experience, this platform is suitable for advertising goods in the Balkans, especially in Serbia, Bosnia and North Macedonia.

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The fastest growing Advertising Network is Adcash?

The fastest growing Advertising Network is Adcash?

Adcash Advertising Network, a fast-growing international ad-serving platform, provides publishers and advertisers with highly targeted solutions and tools for profitable online campaigns. Specializing in entertainment-related websites, Adcash’s portfolio comprises currently over 70,000 premium websites that benefit from the company’s successful partnerships with a number of leading European online entertainment references.

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Who is advertising on the Odnoklassniki social network suitable for?

Who is advertising on the Odnoklassniki social network suitable for?

Odnoklassniki (OK.ru) is a Russian social network owned by VK. As of May 2022, the 50th most popular site in the world. The project was launched on March 26, 2006. Advertising in social networks, and specifically advertising in Odnoklassniki, allows you to clearly and effectively influence the target audience of your potential customers.

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