The future of in-app advertising: Kayzen’s real-time in-house bidder

In the rapidly evolving world of mobile advertising, the need for real-time data, transparency, and control has never been more critical. Kayzen, a trailblazer in this space, is at the forefront of creating the future of mobile advertising with its revolutionary in-house bidder. Designed from the ground up for mobile advertisers and their technology partners, Kayzen enables programmatic campaigns to be run in-house, offering unparalleled control and efficiency.

Kayzen’s mission is to democratize programmatic marketing, helping agencies and their clients regain control over their data and break free from the constraints of black-box ad tech. The platform offers:

  • Transparency: Unlike traditional black-box ad tech, Kayzen provides more transparency over the supply chain and management fees.
  • Control: Leverage data and AI/ML-driven buying strategies through your own bidder.
  • Performance: Flexible enough to drive performance for unique business objectives.

One of the standout features of Kayzen is its focus on in-app advertising. Unlike social media and mobile web, Google Play and the App Store enforce strict content guidelines, ensuring a brand-safe environment. Developers who contravene these rules face severe penalties, making in-app advertising a safer choice for brands.

1. Visibility: Access to complete supply chain data allows for more efficient campaign optimization. Marketers can analyze data accurately and deploy strategies without sharing knowledge with external vendors or competition.

2. Accountability: Kayzen’s intuitive dashboard offers flexible data management, top-line visualizations, and granular reporting. Real-time data is accessible effortlessly, with APIs available for seamless integration into in-house reporting tools.

3. Oversight: The platform provides unparalleled access to a suite of campaign oversight tools, enhancing efficiency through powerful targeting capabilities and sophisticated optimization algorithms.

Exclusive Features
Kayzen offers several unique features designed to enhance campaign targeting, optimization, and performance:

  • Supply Path Optimization: SPO partnerships reduce layers between advertisers and publishers, increasing the percentage of client budgets spent on media.
  • Inventory Discovery & Analysis: Dynamic sampling of over 135 billion daily auctions provides clients with unique insights into market pricing and inventory.
  • Smart App Categories: Proprietary smart app categorization offers a complex taxonomy for contextual targeting and audience insight.
  • Video+: This exclusive ad format repurposes successful creative assets from other channels, combining upper funnel prospecting with down funnel performance results.

Kayzen’s Enterprise plan offers a white-label solution, allowing agencies to customize the platform visually and functionally. This includes:

– Visual and domain customization

– Sub-client account creation and access controls

– Margin customization

– Full suite of whitelabeled APIs for clients and agency teams

– Integration of additional 1st and 3rd party data

Kayzen provides robust tools for managing iOS 14+ campaigns, maintaining insight and flexibility in a post-IDFA world. Key features include:

– Creating SKAN campaigns within Apple’s 100 campaign ID limit

– Configuring SKAN campaigns for comparison with other campaigns

– Defining exchanges and creative mapping for reporting purposes

Kayzen is shaping the future of mobile advertising with its real-time in-house bidder. By providing transparency, control, and performance, Kayzen empowers agencies and advertisers to take full command of their programmatic campaigns. With a focus on in-app advertising, smart app categorization, and a robust suite of tools for campaign oversight, Kayzen stands as a beacon of innovation in the digital marketing landscape.