Understanding the 2024 Google Ads Arbitrage Landscape for Gambling


In the world of digital advertising, staying ahead of the curve is crucial, especially in industries like gambling. Kateryna Ladyagina, Team Lead at ScroogeFrog Agency, shares insights into the nuances of arbitrage in Google Ads for gambling in 2024. With over 16 years of experience, ScroogeFrog Agency specializes in providing verified agent accounts for various platforms, including Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and more.

Current Landscape

Google Ads remains relevant for gambling in 2024, but with new launch rules and stricter moderation. Gone are the days of launching hundreds of accounts without worry. The current environment demands a more strategic approach, with emphasis on account warming and compliance.

Google Storm and Changing Providers

As of March 6, 2024, Google Storm is in effect, strengthening rules for ad campaigns, moderation, and opening agency accs through providers. ScroogeFrog Agency has experienced these changes firsthand, changing providers and geo-accounts to adapt to evolving requirements.Since this time, we`ve been working with 6 Google Ads providers and 6 accs GEOs like: Nigerian, Chinese, Greek, Estonian, Italian, again Nigerian European accounts and British. Most of these providers literally closed, not having seen all the Google Ads changes in 2024. And those who were vitrified were exposed to new harsh opportunities until the moderation and opening accs.

Agency Accounts vs. Self-Registered Accounts

Agency Google Ads accounts offer advantages like billing setup to a verified entity, reducing the risk of payment issues and bans. While self-registered accounts provide more control, they require meticulous setup and management of various factors like phone numbers, cards, and proxies.

Agency accs:

  1. Agency Google Ads accounts offer advantages like billing setup to a verified entity in the specific GEO. Best Google Ads accs – GEO accounts and GEO of the billing line are the same
  2. Agency accs already have the Advertiser Verification and Verification of commercial activities or provider`ll make them soon
  3. Provider`s making 2-step Verification by himself
  4. Crucial moderation terms

Self-registrated accs:

  1. All responsibility lies only with you
  2. You have to: buy a new sim-card, a credit card, antidetect browser, proxy + do a email farming, than warm up your acc
  3. All verifications you should do by yourself
  4. They provide more control to the each stage of working with Google Ads accs

Warming Up Accounts and Compliance

Warming up Google Ads accounts is critical, with strict rules regarding the white page, content, and compliance with Google’s policies. Adhering to these rules ensures account safety and longevity.

Key Strategies for Success

Farm Mail Integration

Integrating the mail account with Google’s ecosystem is crucial. Ensure that the browser history reflects a genuine interest in PPC advertising. Visit Google’s official channel for Google Ads and consume relevant content. This integration helps bypass initial time filters, although it’s not foolproof.

Stages of Warming Up Accounts

Warming up accounts should be a gradual process. After receiving the account, let it rest for 1-2 days. Set up the first Ad Campaigns with completely white content, texts, and applications. Let this campaign run for about two weeks with a budget of 1-5 units per day. It’s crucial not to make any changes to the campaigns during this period.

After the initial white campaign phase, gradually transition to gray content over the next 14 days. Depending on your approach, consider cloaking or replacing the white application with a gray one. Avoid making multiple changes at once, as this could trigger suspicion.

Wait for 1-2 more weeks before scaling the budget. During this time, gradually replace gray content with white and scale the Ad Campaigns cautiously.

Compliance with White Page Rules

When using a white page, ensure it complies with Google Ads policies. Avoid making claims that guarantee winning, exaggerate success, or promote misleading information. Additionally, ensure all buttons on the site are clickable and functional. Any violation of these rules could lead to suspicion and potential bans.

Approvals Through “Error”

Utilizing the approach of approving keys/texts with an error can still be effective. This method involves intentionally including an error in the ad or key and then correcting it later. This approach can work for Search Ad Campaigns, YouTube, and UAC, but should be used judiciously.

Conclusion. While navigating Google Ads for gambling in 2024 presents challenges, it also offers opportunities for those willing to adapt and comply with the evolving landscape. By following best practices and staying informed, advertisers can achieve success in this competitive environment.