Transforming digital advertising with Xapads. The full stack ad:Tech platform for in-app traffic

Xapads stands out as a trailblazer, offering a comprehensive Ad:Tech platform that encompasses the entire spectrum of digital marketing. At the heart of their innovative approach is Xerxes, a proprietary AI/ML-driven programmatic engine. Xapads boasts a team of seasoned experts in digital marketing, making it one of the world’s leading full-stack platforms. With a focus on both branding (Display, Mobile & Video) and performance campaigns (CPS, CPL, CPI, CPT), Xapads operates via its OpenRTB/Programmatic Platform. The company takes pride in its associations with Fortune 500 brands and major multinational agencies, having served them across the entire digital promotion lifecycle.

Founded by visionary engineers and tech-savvy entrepreneurs – Nitin Gupta, Ramneek Chadha, Rohit Arora, Prabhjinder Singh, Nipun Chadha, and Alok Pandey – Xapads embarked on a mission to revolutionize traditional media buying practices. The dream, which began in a humble garage, has grown into a technology-driven digital marketing platform that has expanded its footprint to the US, UK, and Singapore.

The linchpin of Xapads’ success is Xerxes, the AI programmatic engine that combines audience insights, historical user data, artificial intelligence, and human touch. This dynamic fusion enables a paradigm shift in digital advertising by strengthening the programmatic ecosystem. Xerxes brings together demand partners, supply allies, and quality tools to provide a comprehensive one-stop solution for various aspects of the industry.

Services that make a difference:

1. Xapads Media: Holistic Programmatic Ecosystem

Xapads Media serves as a bridge connecting brands with their respective publishers across all formats and devices. This comprehensive programmatic ecosystem ensures a seamless flow of advertising from demand-side platforms (DSPs) to supply-side platforms (SSPs), catering to a wide array of formats;

2. Performance Programmatic Way

The breakthrough technology employed by Xapads combines historical user data and artificial intelligence to achieve performance goals. This approach ensures optimal eROI (effective return on investment) for brands while maintaining the highest quality standards through third-party fraud detection tools;

3. Bespoke Display Solutions

Utilizing advanced machine learning and business knowledge, Xapads creates custom solutions tailored to meet the unique requirements of its clients. This personalized approach ensures that every campaign is optimized for maximum impact;

4. Revolutionary Video Technology

Xapads’ innovative multi-device video technology provides a premium, brand-safe marketplace across Connected TV (CTV), apps, desktop, and mobile web. This enables brands to reach their audience effectively in various digital environments.

With a focus on achieving maximum eROI, Xapads collaborates closely with Fortune 500 organizations. The platform offers campaigns in multiple models to attain key performance indicator (KPI) goals and ensures high brand visibility. The commitment to a fraud-free environment and the use of accredited fraud detection tools further elevate the platform’s standards.

Xapads seamlessly connects the dots for agencies, providing fraud-free inventory for clients and generating desired eROI and brand awareness. The integration of Click-Through Attribution, View-Through Attribution, and various ad campaign types ensures a comprehensive approach to digital advertising.

Xapads supports multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, Amazon, and Windows, providing flexibility and reach for advertisers. The platform supports various pricing models such as CPI, CPC, CPM, CPA, and CPV, catering to the diverse needs of brands.

Xapads extends its expertise to brands, helping them expand their market cap through smart data intelligence and programmatic algorithms. Supply partners benefit from the platform’s powerful programmatic capabilities, offering auto optimization of inventory waterfall for better yielding campaigns. Affiliates are invited to join the world’s leading performance platform, collaborating with global brands and maximizing revenues for their inventory.

In conclusion, Xapads uses advanced technology, visionary leadership, and commitment to delivering exceptional results. As they continue to shape the digital landscape, Xapads invites all stakeholders in the industry to join them in making digital advertising a bigger and more impactful revolution.