Mintegral: unveiling premium ad inventory for targeted user acquisition

In the fast-paced world of mobile advertising, staying ahead requires innovation and seamless integration of cutting-edge technology. Mintegral stands as a powerhouse in this realm, offering a comprehensive suite of services that redefine the landscape of programmatic advertising.

Mintegral is an in-app ad network, providing a supply-side platform (SSP), a demand-side platform (DSP), an ad exchange, a self-service advertiser platform, a data-management platform (DMP), a creative automation platform and its own creative studio. The network offers cross-regional marketing functionality, allowing the creation of multiple campaigns/ad units to target audiences in different GEOs with different bids or creatives from a single item.

It is one of the largest ad networks in China with 50k direct partnered apps, more than 30 global ad exchanges, and more than 3K mobile developer companies, including Geisha Tokyo, Good Job games, iDreamsky, Kiloo, Lion Studio, Noodlecalke, Outfit7, Ubisoft, Voodoo, and Zplay.

Mintegral’s forte lies in its AI-driven approach. Leveraging sophisticated algorithms, it pioneers intelligent decision-making, audience matching, and optimization strategies at every stage of a campaign. This not only ensures efficient programmatic buying but also delivers targeted and impactful advertisements, enhancing the overall user experience.

One of Mintegral’s unique strengths is its ability to bridge the gap between East and West, simplifying the complexities of cross-regional mobile marketing. With a deep understanding of the APAC region, Mintegral serves as a crucial link, enabling businesses to tap into the world’s largest mobile market.

The platform’s colossal database spans billions of daily active users across 200+ countries, providing access to premium traffic and demand-side resources. Moreover, its commitment to cutting-edge technology ensures campaign profitability and success for advertisers and publishers worldwide.

Mintegral doesn’t just focus on algorithms and data; it excels in crafting innovative creatives. Through Mindworks, its in-house creative studio, the platform offers engaging and interactive ad formats that not only boost campaign performance but also ensure an optimal ad experience for the audience.

Transparency and Safety. In an era where transparency and safety are paramount, Mintegral leads the way with top-tier anti-fraud technology, ensuring a secure and transparent delivery process.

Mintegral’s range of services empowers both advertisers and publishers. For publishers, the in-app header bidding support maximizes earnings by enabling fair competition among advertisers, resulting in higher eCPM. Advertisers benefit from a self-service advertising platform that simplifies programmatic advertising, providing tools for campaign creation, management, analysis, and optimization.

With a team possessing extensive cross-regional marketing expertise, Mintegral offers localized user acquisition strategies. Whether businesses aim for specific markets or global success, Mintegral’s expertise helps in developing efficient user acquisition strategies at scale.


  • Low entry threshold. For example, minimum replenishment is not as high as for Unity.
  • Self-search platform. Advertising is set up by a media buyer, no need to use the help of the network’s manager. 
  • High traffic volumes. A lot of GEOs can be reached. 
  • High probability of creatives’ approval.

In essence, Mintegral isn’t just a mobile programmatic advertising platform; it’s a game-changer. Its fusion of AI-driven precision, innovative creatives, global reach, and a commitment to transparency reshapes the mobile advertising landscape. Whether you’re an advertiser seeking targeted user acquisition aiming to maximize revenue, Mintegral emerges as the catalyst for achieving these goals in the dynamic world of in-app / mobile advertising.