Advertising of the crypto vertical in native networks for Tier 1 countries

Using the case as an example, we would like to discuss the important key elements of promotion and advertising itself, without which you will not have a profit! And of course, we will talk about different approaches to different native networks and creatives, because, as our manager says, this is 80% of success. Let’s look at the case of a client who is engaged in investments, they attract investments in various projects, and what did we get?

Our KPI from the client was the price of lead (registration) and it shouldn’t be more than 10 USD in geo Australia and Canada. To understand how we can achieve this result, we need to know the lead path from the beginning to registration. How are lead forms collected? Having uploaded a teaser to the campaign, after moderation, the potential consumer goes to the page about trading. On this page they will see a successful earning model and go through the registration form on this page. Then the call center manager contacts them and discusses the details. Our task was to bring as many real leads as possible to the lead form.

Also, one of the key messages of our article is native networks, what are they, how do they work with this niche and what are their features?

List of native networks we used for this case:

  • Adblade;
  • MediaGo;
  • Galaksion;
  • Outbrain. 

Examples of advertising creatives from different platforms:


I would like to analyze each one separately and what happened in the end, but, unfortunately, all networks except Adblade worked poorly and the results will not be relevant for our case. Let’s analyze the results of Adblade and the statistics behind such parameters as the CPC in Australia and Canada, which was the most important  thing for our client.

Let’s look at the Adblade situation, what features of the work we can highlight, why exactly this platform turned out to be successful, why this niche is quickly moderated here, and why exactly this geo? Let’s start from the fact that we already have an article about this platform 

Launched in January 2008, Adblade has built its business around unique ad units and premium placements that enable both brand advertisers and top publishers to succeed in a crowded online marketplace.


  • Adblade received the highest possible Brand-Safety Rating from Integral Ad Science, the digital advertising industry’s recognized leader in brand protection and ad viewability data;
  • Adblade is a comScore and Quantcast Top 25 Ad Platform;
  • Adblade is a division of Adiant, a digital media technology company committed to delivering the most innovative advertising solutions to top quality publishers and advertisers.

What are the features of working with this platform?

  • This platform has good publishers for this niche/vertical;
  • In Adblade one campaign = one advertising creative. It allows to upload only 4 creatives per day and 25 characters maximum each;
  • You can adjust the click price, which is more profitable for the client;
  • Replenishment is more convenient through an agency, and since we have a direct manager, moderation is easier and faster.

“Short Description 25 (!!!)

Long Description 100

Display Name 25

Large Image:

Maximum file size: 1.5MB.

Dimensions: 1200 wide x 900 high

Small Image:

Maximum file size: 50KB.

Dimensions: 82 wide x 82 high”

The landing page also plays an important role, how it looks, what kind of creative, what texts are there, let’s look at examples from the Adblade platform, which brought us a good result. We chose one successful example of creo and one not successful and will describe it.

Conclusion. We demonstrated how the finance/crypto vertical can deliver results using native networks. Also, it is important to remember the appeals or words you use, and the advertising creative – the picture is important to attract attention! We also tested Geo Tier 1 Canada and Australia and the results are visible in the statistics above. Our team of specialists will do everything for your positive result, as we have deep experience working in this vertical!