We reveal the secrets of working with agent accounts on Facebook using the example of an e-commerce case. Geo Uzbekistan

We know about the pain of many marketers, media buyers with Facebook accounts, and today we want to tell you an actual case of selling e-commerce through Facebook and Instagram. Today, Facebook has over 2 billion users.

An audience of this size allows a business not only to realize its potential and receive results as from an additional source, but also makes Facebook one of the main channels for making a profit. That is why it is important to understand the mechanics of how FaceBook Ads work.

The ultimate goal of any e-commerce campaign is sales. Let’s start with the analysis of the product for advertising and KPI of the client. The main task of the client is to optimize the bid for the lead, with the ultimate goal of approval, geo Uzbekistan. For a customer, an approve is when the call center has confirmed the sale. Also, KPI were set from the client for the price of about 6 EUR for approving and 2 EUR for a lead. The products that needed to be advertised were knee pads that help strengthen joints, a vibrating belt for a quick weight loss effect, and a battery powered flashlight. All of these products are white and can be promoted through Facebook and Instagram, so one of the rules is to choose the right product to advertise on such a demanding platform.

We got these results:

Flashlight product campaign results for the entire period of advertising activity CPL 1,22 EUR

The results of the knee pads campaign for the entire period of advertising activity, CPL 3,22 EUR

The results of the vibrating belt product campaign for the entire period of advertising activity, CPL 2,31 EUR

Anyway, the cost of the approval CPA was no more than 6 EUR, As far as you can see, we did not get into the KPI at the price of a lead, but we got at the price of an approval. It can be concluded that failure to meet intermediate KPIs does not entail a failure in an advertising campaign and advertising agencies have such experience. 

So we fit into the budget, we did everything through agent accounts, but why are they better than usual ones?

The agency account differs from the self-service ad accounts in the following advantages:

  • Help with moderation;
  • Advanced Support;
  • No need to spend resources on farming;
  • First access to new network features;
  • Landing pages pre-moderation;
  • High percentage of approval. Ad networks trust agencies more than self-service accounts. Campaigns are moderated faster and are more likely to be approved;
  • Financial security. If the account is blocked, you can request a refund and transfer them to another account.

The essence of the agent cabinet is that you register in the system as a legal entity on behalf of a marketing company. Since the business status is documented, Facebook views the account as more trustworthy. Therefore, more favorable conditions for traffic are offered, the ability to connect to a large number of business accounts and extended support.

The most common problem when running ads on Facebook is bans, and here are a couple of recommendations:

  • The name on the bank card is different from the name on Facebook;
  • You are using someone else’s card / Black-list card;
  • Using a bank card from another country;
  • Unsuccessful attempts to debit funds from the card;
  • Constant change of social accounts in one browser;
  • Login to your account from other countries / cities (different IP address / VPN);
  • A sharp increase in advertising costs;
  • Inactivity for a long time;
  • Adding people with a banned account to the account (Black-list);
  • Hacked / brute account;
  • Advertising prohibited materials;
  • Violation of someone’s copyright;
  • Complaints about your advertising;
  • Using previously blocked creatives;
  • Page inconsistency with the advertisement;
  • Use of prohibited scripts on the page;
  • Redirecting the user to another site from yours;
  • Low customer feedback score.

Here you will find more information about bans on the official Facebook website https://transparency.fb.com/policies/ad-standards/

In conclusion, with this case we want to demonstrate the importance of agent accounts, the problem of ad account blocking, and the importance of a white hat product for Facebook and Instagram advertising. The basic rules for working with advertising accounts – for one offer, it is advisable to use a set from one advertising account and one business manager and use one relevant offer on a Facebook page (FanPage) with a warm audience, live with posts, then you will definitely succeed!