What are the results of ad during the Black Friday for e-commerce?

All our cases are started by providing information about the client. So we will not break traditions and introduce you to the client. Ukrainian marketplace that specializes in the fashion segment.

The platform is really big and very popular in Ukraine. This marketplace turned to us as specialists in digital advertising. The case stands out from the others, as it is associated with Black Friday and showed unexpected results.

Task from the KPI client:

  • Attract as many new customers as possible who will become permanent
  • The price of a new buyer of CAC is not more than $ 10 (without reference to the price of the goods)
  • Emphasis on the audience a new buyer and / or a buyer who made 2 to 5 purchases (as many clients of the RFM segment as possible)
  • The audience of old customers who made 5+ purchases is not considered 

The duration of the Black Friday period is about 1 month; before the official start of the event, the client warns the audience about discounts and sales 10-14 days in advance. 

Based on our experience in this case, we used native ads, taking into account the task and the theme of the event. Native advertising is a type of advertising on the Internet that attracts the attention of users with intriguing “tease” content. A classic ad consists of a picture, a provocative headline, and short text. 

Therefore, we compiled advertising creatives according to all the rules of native advertising, that is, with the words – discounts up to -90% / discounts on all top products / discounts on all women’s clothing and etc. 

Also networks are divided into different categories – international and local. If you want to advertise in any country in the world, you must first understand whether there are international ad units or popular local ads platforms. In our case, local ads platforms are popular in Ukraine, and it would be pointless to advertise internationally there.

6 ads platforms were used during the work:

  • Mgid
  • Mixadvert
  • Adpartner
  • Novostimira
  • Recreativ
  • Redtram

Also, the sites are divided into news and entertainment. The insight of our digital advertising agency is that native ads work better on news sites than on entertainment sites. Therefore, the ratio of news to entertainment venues was 90% to 10%.

Let’s move on to advertising campaign analytics for this case!

As our chart demonstrates most orders from all advertised categories were on recreativ. Based on the expertise of our marketers, we drew a couple of conclusions from this data:

  • on this advertising platform, high-quality local traffic
  • loyal conditions for advertisers
  • the quality was affected by the fact that there is little fraud (false or misleading promotional claims for financial gain)

On the other side, it is important to understand, that each product category was advertised separately. Therefore, we made a selection of categories with which we worked, demonstrating it in a diagram. 

Also sorting by the number of leads showed us the clear leaders among the categories. It is important to understand that it was the end of November 2019, meaning customers were getting ready for the cold weather and the winter holidays.

Top 3 best-selling steel categories:

  • Dresses
  • Women’s hats
  • Women’s jackets (outwear)

Dresses brought the largest income to the client. Our assumptions are that women are buying dresses for the holidays and this is a more impulse purchase than planned, since they were on big discounts. For a female audience, a dress is a must have and it is easy to choose. Hats are what you need for the cold season and they are not expensive. But jackets (outwear), showed amazing results that did not please us. The most important thing for this season, but they are in the price segment above and often do not fit the size or appearance. Since the cost of advertising increased the income, but the goal of the client was different.

Let’s go back to the goal of the advertising campaign for this brand, namely to attract as many new customers as possible. In the future, the client is going to collect the data of these clients and turn them into regular ones with the help of email marketing, messenger like Viber and additional target advertising. However there is a problem in keeping track of customers and their purchase frequency. The segmentation system is a big problem for many marketplaces. 

In conclusion, it was a great expirience to work with this case. Also, sorting by category showed the buying desires and opportunities during Black Friday.