How to use Viber Native Ads for business

Today Viber is a popular messenger used by over 1 billion people in over 200 countries around the world. On average, users open Viber over 40 times a day, so we recommend using this application to promote your business, and in our article, we will tell you how to do that. 

Advertising in Viber
Viber supports several ad formats. Using them, you can contact the client throughout the time he spends on the application.
Setting up targeting is provided for several parameters. You can customize ads for the user’s gender, age, by the user’s geolocation, time of day, and operating system.

Viber ad formats
Advertising on Viber can be considered one of the most effective methods of attracting a target audience, regardless of the place of residence, gender, age, and other criteria. No one will block you if you use such a promotion, unlike illegal mailings. People can use several types of advertising, namely:

Post-call advertising
Over 40% of the app users practice voice and video calls every day. According to Rakuten Viber, the average CTR of this ad type is 2%, so it’s worth taking those numbers into account. Shows your ads on the user’s device screen immediately after the call, or if the client’s interlocutor does not answer within 40 seconds. Contains brief text and an image associated with a hyperlink to track customer interactions with the ad.

Ads in the chat list
You will find this kind of Native Advertising in the list of Viber chats, on the second line of the list of conversations with your users. Such an advertisement will contain a headline, a 50 × 50 pixel image, and advertising text.
We consider such advertising unobtrusive and attracts an audience of users from any country and of any age.

Viber Stickers
Viber Stickers are another unobtrusive native ad format. With this method, you can build brand awareness, connect with customers who buy or download free stickers for regular use.
Every day, over 35% of Viber users send stickers in their correspondence with friends and acquaintances. Stickers visually grab the attention of users. They are bright, useful, funny. Therefore, the use of branded stickers allows you to establish a connection with the consumer. This is the fundamental difference between stickers and traditional types of advertising. Because of the interactivity of the content, you can achieve more engagement with potential customers.

Benefits of Viber Native Ads
The best way to achieve success is by targeting an advertising company to increase the popularity of a particular product or service among users. Below are the most significant advantages and disadvantages of native Viber advertising.

1.Reaching the audience
Viber’s popularity affects its incredibly large audience. Hundreds of thousands of users can view one ad per day.

2. Positive image
Native advertising is an excellent tool for building the loyalty of potential customers to your brand. A company’s credibility is increased by brand awareness through native advertising.

3. Targeted traffic
It primarily aimed advertising in Viber at target users of the messenger.

4. Valuable information
Successful promotion is impossible without knowledge of the characteristics of potential consumers. Viber advertising allows you to collect all the necessary information about potential buyers and clients.

Disadvantages of Viber ads
1. Expenses
The success of product promotion is largely determined by the time spent and attracted financial and human resources.
2. Obligatory social optimization
Without preliminary preparation of the site, you cannot count on the successful completion of the advertising Viber campaign.

How to advertise Viber Native Ad
There is a cheap way to advertise on Viber. This is an advertisement on the chat list. You can set up such ads yourself using Google Ads.
To set up such advertising, you need to select a campaign in the Google Display Network (Display Network). Specify placement in targeting: Mobile App >> Viber Messenger.
To set up advertising after the post-call, you need to contact a company that is engaged in Viber Native Advertising. There are a lot of such services now and the price for 100,000 displaying times of your advertising banner in the Post-call format (display of the banner after the call) will vary from $200 to $400. Such specialists set up and launch Viber ads, provide support and advice on any issues.

Viber is a one-stop communication channel that allows brands to engage with their audience and attract new customers.
By understanding the features of each of the tools, you can create unique campaigns that match the goals and objectives of your brand. Set up Viber for Business today to get profit tomorrow!