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Every day, millions of people around the world post, vote, and comment in communities organized around their interests.

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Baidu from China is operated by Nanjing Marketing Group, a Canadian/Chinese company that has provided Chinese digital marketing services since 2008.

They set up to make it easier for non-Chinese companies to learn about Baidu marketing opportunities in one place.
Nanjing Marketing Group has long been a leader in educating Western businesses about Baidu.

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AdFalcon is the first mobile advertising network in the Middle East aimed at providing a specialized mobile advertising experience to advertisers, publishers, developers and mobile users across the region.

AdFalcon’s state of the art technology, intelligent targeting mechanism and diversified mobile ads aim to assist our partners in maximizing their campaigns return on investment (ROI) and to deliver satisfying results for their brands and businesses.

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Adrino – a Polish team of mobile marketing experts with many years of experience and heads full of ideas. They know how to use opportunities created by technology and how to bring tangible business results of our clients’ marketing efforts.

Rich Media
Adrino is specialised in customised, engaging ad formats which are stuck in users’ heads.
Ad campaigns are engaging and measurable. They can gather all data in one summary report. Beside basic data, they measure traffic in creatives and all user interactions.
Precise user-targeting is a precondition for an effective campaign. With its help, you’re able to use targeting options based on location, phone type and its operating system, even a weather or a score of a football match!

Its advantage: 1,17bn PV monthly.

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What is Linker? Platform for distribution of native ads on Croatian top publishers sites. Linker is connecting product, service or content with the right audience in the right moment on the right place and is therefore helping in achieving set goals.

Blending in is the new standing out
79% Users prefer how native ads visually blend in with the page
63% Higher user interaction with native ads ** In comparison to classical display ads
38% Users will make purchase via native ads
23% Users agree that native ads look natural on the page and are less intrusive

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Revcontent is an american platform, founded in 2015. Revcontent is a leading content discovery platform helping advertisers drive a highly engaged audience through technology and partnerships with some of the world’s largest media brands.

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GlobalTeaser is a Russian teaser network working with various topics, except for adult and prohibited in the Russian Federation since 2010. Special conditions are offered for sites on female subjects: the cost of a click is 1.6 – 4 rubles.

The network attracts up to 350,000 targeted visitors per day to news and thematic sites and also buys visitors from sites of various subjects at maximum prices.
The network also has the ability to collect all traffic from your sites, returning up to 150% of visitors, taking into account the subject and geography.

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Google Ads

Google Ads is an online advertising service that allows advertisers to compete to display short ad text for web users, based in part on keywords driven by advertisers, which can link and copy the content of web pages displayed to users.

Benefits of Google Ads:
The Google Advertising service allows you to take advantage of all the advantages of advertising on the Internet: show ads to the target audience, at the right time and in the right place. Among other things, you can use the following functions:

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Facebook Ads

Facebook now has 2 billion active users per month, and you probably wondered whether to use Facebook ads to grow your business. Below you will find a list of reasons why advertising on Facebook is a reasonable choice both to start working with social networks and to search for new opportunities for growth.

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Adsloom leads native content advertising market in the Arab World, and develops next generation content discovery technology. It gives Arabic readers an immersive experience through relevant, adequate, interesting and veracious contents.

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