Oblivki.biz – advertising network specializes in creating highly effective advertising campaigns. The principles of native advertising allow you to organically promote your brand and customize your ads in detail. In conjunction with a developed algorithm to combat artificially generated traffic (bots), the oblivki.biz advertising network not only ensures absolute safety for the brand’s reputation, but also guarantees a high ROI (return on advertising costs).
Oblivki.biz successfully cooperates with a wide group of advertisers from the CIS countries, occupying the most competitive advertising areas: health, beauty, diet, household, news, online sales and others.

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GlobalTeaser is a Russian teaser network working with various topics, except for adult and prohibited in the Russian Federation since 2010. Special conditions are offered for sites on female subjects: the cost of a click is 1.6 – 4 rubles.

The network attracts up to 350,000 targeted visitors per day to news and thematic sites and also buys visitors from sites of various subjects at maximum prices.
The network also has the ability to collect all traffic from your sites, returning up to 150% of visitors, taking into account the subject and geography.

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Yandex.Direct is a single platform for placing contextual and display advertising that allows you to build a sales funnel and solve marketing problems at all its levels. In contextual advertising, you pay only for clicks on advertising or for clicks on a business card with contacts, in display – for visible impressions.
In Yandex.Direct you can configure an effective scenario of communication with the consumer. For example:

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Adlabs Media Network

Good revenue and quality advertising
Adlabs Media Network is an ideal tool for monetizing non-profit topics. AdLabs Media Network is an advertising network with a wide coverage in Runet and minimal competition. 17,000,000 unique users per day according to LiveInternet.
ADLABS Group of Companies has been providing comprehensive Internet marketing services since 2000. Vast experience, a staff of qualified specialists, advanced market technologies and exclusive in-house developments allow ADLABS to provide its customers with a full range of business development services on the Internet.

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MyTarget ad network helps developers and publishers increase ad revenue from sites and applications.
How can this platform help you make more money?

  • Highly effective ads that interest users
    They show targeted ads based on their user data – demographics, interests, behavioral and social characteristics, etc. Advertising is broadcast to the most relevant audience, which provides excellent results for advertisers and higher revenue for publishers.
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Directadvert – russian billioner

Directadvert is a Russian platform that covers more than 350 million people every month and has more than 30 thousand customers and partners. Directadvert in the online advertising market since 2010. Their service is chosen by thousands of advertisers and publishers.

Working with them is convenient and simple, as it is a simple and convenient service designed to increase the attendance of content projects, stimulate sales of online stores and increase brand awareness.

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Mixadvert – new generation of advertising network

Mixadvert is an effective tool for managing site monetization. Intelligent autonomous algorithms 2-3 times improve the efficiency of displaying advertisements, reducing the cost of attracting the target audience.

You will get a high-quality audience on favorable terms with an active intellectual system for optimizing advertising campaigns or for sites with a real audience, we offer stable high earnings with an improved monetization system for your resource.

the examples of native ads
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